The Farm Bill We Want To See

The impact of fruit and vegetable incentives, including SNAP incentives and produce prescriptions, in the Farm Bill is far reaching for farmers, families, and local economies. Explore our priorities in the upcoming bill.

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A Win For Families, Farmers, Local Economies

For millions of Americans, healthy food is out of reach. Fortunately, fruit and vegetable incentives are changing that. Incentive programs, like Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program (GusNIP formerly FINI) supported SNAP incentives and produce prescriptions projects, increase fruit and vegetable purchases and consumption among Americans with low income. They also support sales for farmers and keep dollars in local economies. The total reach of FINI/GusNIP from 2015-2021:


have FINI/GusNIP projects

$ Million

In fresh produce for American families

Growing Consumption

Research shows that participants in nutrition incentive programs eat more fruits and vegetables than the average American, growing consumption over time.

About Nutrition Incentives


The Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program (GusNIP formerly FINI) was established in the 2014 Farm Bill with strong bipartisan support. GusNIP provides funding opportunities for incentives projects to increase purchases of fruits and vegetables by households with low income.


SNAP incentives and produce prescriptions bring together parts of the food and healthcare system to improve the health and nutrition of households with low income, expand participation, and collect and aggregate data to identify best practices.

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4 Goals For the Farm Bill

To strengthen and expand GusNIP fruit and vegetable incentives, we recommend the following.


Get Involved

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Access Resources

Find helpful national and state by state resources to share the importance of nutrition incentives in the upcoming Farm Bill.

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Take Action

Learn about our latest advocacy and share your support.

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Read recent news and announcements surrounding GusNIP-funded projects and the upcoming Farm Bill.

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